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I had a script calling the rsync command, and that was causing the problem. The actual rsync command line was ok. I used to have a QNAP TS- 451 and had rsync working fine between the 2 machines. I recently migrated from the TS- 451 to a TS- 653 Pro. QNAP migration keeps the configuration intact and the QNAP works as expected. In my rsync server / etc/ rsyncd. conf file, I have " secrets file = / etc/ rsyncd. If I change file permission with " chmod 600 / etc/ rsyncd. secrets", after I ran rsync command on my client to the. For instance, if rsync 2.

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    4 is being used with the - - write- batch option, but rsync 2. 3 is what will be used to run the - - read- batch option, you should use " - - protocol= 28" when creating the batch file to force the older protocol version to be used in the batch file ( assuming you can' t upgrade the rsync on the reading system). Both NAS are from Qnap. The gain is about 3x with their rsync tool ( ~ 45 MB/ s vs ~ 15MB/ s) and more than 5x with their RTRR tool ( ~ 80 MB/ s vs ~ 15MB/ s). The client rsync requests new- style compression on the server via the - - new- compress option, so if you see that option rejected it means that the server is not new enough to support - zz. Rsync also accepts the - - old- compress option for a future time when new- style compression becomes the default. See also the section entitled \ ( dq USING RSYNC- DAEMON FEATURES VIA A REMOTE SHELL CONNECTION \ ( dq in rsync( 1) for information on how handle an rsyncd. conf- level username that differs from the remote- shell- level username when using a remote shell to connect to an rsync daemon. Re: NAS to NAS Rsync Backup Yes, the rsync activated on both shares, For push backup job, the source is " Share", and for distanation the remote rsync with ip of another NAS and " sauvegarde" for the path. got crontab to work.

    so one server get a copy of the tar files and mysql dump from the main server. the correct code for the above job is rsync - avz drone: www / usr/ backup/ which will automatically update the client dir / usr/ backup/ www with host files under / usr/ home/ xxx/ www. client role The client initiates the synchronisation. server role The remote rsync process or system to which the client connects either within a local transfer, via a remote shell or via a network socket. I believe the uid and gid parameters in the server config file are for privilege separation. The auth users parameter in your config explicitly denies all other usernames than " backuppc ". So, you need " backuppc" in the rsyncd. secrets on " Host1", as well as on the command line on " Host2". I have been trying to get rsync to work on my end ( OMW) and my families end ( QNAP) without any success ( different locations). Out networks are joined through a VPN tunnel. FAQs that are previously located on QNAP' s website have been relocated to here.

    This page will be updated regularly from now on. Please feel free to contact us on the QNAP forum and give us your suggestions if you think there are other questions that should to be posted here. Re: RSYNC - QNAP to SYNO Permission Denied Unread post by chrisjcbt » Sun Oct 23, 2: 15 pm thanks for pointer thor68. rsync used to work fine with a username and password combination. Extra protocol overhead and encryption of traffic that I don' t need. A few kps lost means a few hours on the far end of the job. rsync generates an on the fly checksum that validates the transfer which is separate from the - c option for comparing existing files. Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q& A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. So, first of all you need to have rsync on both machines ( the server and the client). In my situation, I’ m running Ubuntu 8. 04 LTS on my desktop and Windows XP w/ Cygwin on my laptop; rsync comes pre- installed in Ubuntu and as an install option in Cygwin. Rsync is a fast and extraordinarily versatile file copying tool.

    It can copy locally, to/ from another host over any remote shell, or to/ from a remote rsync daemon. How does your rsync command look like? You may try the following command: rsync - av source directories your server: : test_ rep. Rsync: 由 QNAP 往 Synology 方向作 rsync 同步比較簡單。 由於 Synology 這台 NAS 位於家中 router 之後, 所以 router 要設定 port forwarding 873 到 nas 的虛擬 ip 的 port 873。. Problem rsyncing 450GB file to my NAS: ' connection unexpectedly closed' Hi list! I' m trying to use rsync to do a regular remote backup of a 450GB sized container file located on my squeeze server onto a colocated QNap NAS device. cwRsync is a packaging of Rsync for Windows with a client GUI. You can use cwRsync for fast remote file backup and synchronization. Rsync uses the Rsync algorithm which provides a very fast method for bringing remote files into sync. when the client moves data to and from the server it may directly interact with the set of data servers belonging to the pNFS server collection. 1 client can be enabled to be a direct participant in the exact location of file data and to avoid solitary interaction with one NFS server when moving data. In my QNAP under remote replication I can configure the QNAP rsync client: QNAP says: " Rsync Replication allows you to replicate the files of a local folder to a folder of a remote server.

    After starting the Backup Agent, you will be presented with a simple " Wizard". Click the top button labeled " Create a new backup profile". In step 1, you will choose two locations - a source location on your own computer ( the left- hand side) and the remote address of your rsync. net fileserver ( the right- hand side). QNAP Data Recovery Tips It’ s possible to accidentally overwrite data on QNAP NAS and SAN devices, so at the first sign of data loss, shut the device down and don’ t attempt to replace any drives unless you’ ve contacted either QNAP’ s support service or a Datarecovery. I have a DNS 320 and I am trying to Rsync to it from a Qnap TS- 412, which is also a NAS device. On the TS- 412 I have gone to " backup" then " remote replication" and chosen server type " NAS server" ( I have also tried " Rsync Server" but the results are the same). After purchasing a Synology DS- 413J to replace my DNS- 323 device, I wanted to repurpose the old NAS into a backup server. In my mind, I pictured using a Richcopy or Robocopy scheduled task from a Windows machine to talk to the 2 devices. In fact rsync doesn' t even need to be running on the server at all, it will be invoked. With the second method, a connection is made from your local rsync to the rsyncd running on the server. The account that you use here is not related to system accounts at all. A DSM update includes Directory Server, LDAP Client, Remote Folder, Virtual Drive, Syslog Server, Mac OS X Lion Support, Photo Station 5, Google Cloud Print, UPnP Router Support, DSM mobile, CalDAV server, and along with other software enhancements.

    NAS to NAS and Rsync. The NAS data can be backed up to a remote NAS or Rsync server by Rsync remote replication. If the backup destination is a NAS, go to " Main Menu" > " Backup Station" > " Rsync Server" and enable the remote NAS as an Rsync backup server. Backup FreeNAS using rsync to a rsync- server Posted on December 18, by harryd71 It is a little bit difficult to find out how to backup data from a FreeNAS- Server to a different rsync- server. You' ll want to use an rsync server on the target NAS to avoid ssh, and it' s associated processing overhead. Then, the rsync protocol, and it' s associated calling convention needs. I have a Readynas NV+ v1 and have setup various backup jobs to the same rsync server. Each backups a subset of the NAS. I don' t know exactly when or why it started but since some weeks I have big problems with these rsync backups. QNAP designs and delivers high- quality network attached storage ( NAS) and professional network video recorder ( NVR) solutions to users from home, SOHO to small, medium businesses. Rsync can work in two different modes: via SSH tunnel: rsync connection ( both for control and data transfer) is tunnelized inside an SSH tunnel ( basically using pipes). Due to the ubiquity of SSH access, and its security, this often is the preferred approach.

    Testing on the LAN first to get it working before I test offsite. IP of QNAP is 192. 14 Rsysnc on QNAP is admin with a password On the FreeNAS, I created the same username/ password combo ( also tried another username to admin).