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For full details on Btrieve, consult the Btrieve manuals supplied by Pervasive Software. Chapter 8: Btrieve. Btrieve is the file handling system from Pervasive Software Inc. Instead, the application may spit out the raw status code number to the screen in a message like " Btrieve Status 2", making it very difficult to know exactly what to do to fix it. Of course, all of the Status Codes are documented in the Pervasive manuals, but sometimes you just need to do a quick lookup. A Btrieve MicroKernel status code 2 is disk I/ O related and in no way is affected by communications infrastructure. Here are the causes of this error: - 1) The file is damaged, and you must recover it. Sage Pastel Partner/ Xpress – Status 30 – Files in your Company database cannot be accessed. With winter around the corner the usual bout of colds and flu viruses can only be expected, computer viruses however tend to take us by surprise. Omega for DOS, or other applications running on Btrieve 6 or earlier are unlikely to return values outside of this range.

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    Error btrieve code

    To get more information on these status codes, or codes outside of therange, use the status code checker page. The following Btrieve status codes will assist in determining the cause and possible solution to the most commonly received Btrieve errors. Btrieve status code 2 Description : A data file or an index file is corrupted. Erase any unnecessary files. 016: The application encountered an expansion error MicroKernel, or a client/ server MicroKernel. 48: The alternate collating sequence. Well, at the time a status 20 was ' invented' there was only one possible meaning and it made perfect sense - the TSR isn' t loaded. But I have to agree that with the move forward in platforms the somewhat. Collin K & K Manufacturing, Inc EvoERP VersionSP3. For example, you segregate your defer list into two different queues by using batch code BATCH- 1 and BATCH- 2. One defer task runs BATCH- 1, and one defer task runs BATCH- 2. This way, two defer tasks do not compete with one another. At a fundamental level, status 2 indicates that Btrieve is unable to perform the specified I/ O against a designated Btrieve file. I/ O errors can be the result of a problem with the Btrieve call parameters, file structure, hardware, system configuration, security rights, memory or any combination of factors.

    Locate the folder C: \ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Btrieve using Windows Explorer. If you cannot find this folder or files in it, open Windows Explorer ' Search. ' and search for the following two files: MKDEMSG. There is no " direct connection" or " interface" between the AutoEDMS " Authorization" process and the process used to register P. SQL user license keys - each must be. Page 2 of 10 Fixing Status 161 Problems with Pervasive PSQL v10 Last Updated: 03/ 06/ Pervasive PSQL v10 uses a different licensing scheme than previous versions of. trademarks Btrieve,. explanation or corrective action accompanies each message or code. The status codes and messages in this manual are not specific to any. 2 Disclaimer Synex Systems Corp makes no representation or warranty with respect to the contents or use of this manual, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for any. Btrieve Programmer’ s Reference 13 Introduction to Btrieve APIs Btrieve Functions Btrieve offers a single- function API, in which most program actions are determined by an. The Btrieve ( tm) Record Manager returns a status code after each operation that an application performs.

    If the operation is successful, Btrieve returns Status Code 0. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Unload and reload Btrieve before you continue. 053: The language interface version is invalid An application tried to access a file containing variable- length records with a language interface from Btrieve v3. 15 Your cache administrator is webmaster. Note: If you' re running ARCserve tape backup software on the fileserver, or any other backup software that uses the Btrieve NLM, be sure the MGRSTART is loaded before commands that load the backup software. This will assure that the proper Pervasive/ Btrieve software is loaded and not something else provided by the backup software. Btrieve 2 Btrieve API Guide SQL Engine Reference ODBC Guide PSQL Data Provider for. NET JDBC Driver Guide Java Class Library Guide PSQL Direct Access Components ( PDAC. Btrieve was totally rewritten, and on 1 July 1994 Btrieve 6. 15 for DOS, Windows and OS/ 2 was released. Novell SQL was renamed to Scalable SQL reflecting the change in ownership of the company.

    In 1995, version 6. 15 was released for Novell NetWare, Windows NT Server and for Windows NT/ 95, and thus became a cross- platform database product. To resolve, either all PC' s should first be running the same Pervasive engine and the REMOVE615. EXE ( provided by us) should be run to remove the Btrieve 6. 15 components from the application path if the intent is to use the engine with the Advanced Accounting or other TAS- based software. When running a Btrieve application on a Windows NT workstation using the Btrieve requester a Status Code 95, " The session is no longer valid, " may be returned when using IPX/ SPX to communicate with a Btrieve for NetWare Server Edition engine on a NetWare v3. Hi, I have an application running Btrieve 6. 15 on three load balanced Citrix Terminal servers. The System will happily log in around 70- 80 sessions and runs smo. Below are all Btrieve status codes that I know about, click on any of these to get a description and more information about the error code. Is your DBA folder shared? I recently updated and had changed the folder to not shared but with read and write permissions for all my users; when the workstations tried to log in to Evo the message was that Pervasive could not find the ddf' s. Here is an up- to- date, supported on Windows 10 ( and most other Microsoft supported OS' s), ready to run your application, Btrieve 6. May 11, 1998 Subject: Btrieve file corruption ( including status 2) Product: Advanced Accounting and TAS ( all versions that use Btrieve) This is a You attempt to add an index with a localeï¿ ½specific alternate collating sequence to a file in Btrieve v5.

    49: The extended key type is invalid. Peacthree uses a version of Btrieve that is almost 7 years old. The version is v6. 15 and that was never tested or supported on a Windows ( or XP for that matter) machine. It' s probably trying to read/ write to the HKEY_ Local_ Machine\ Software\ Btrieve Technologies registry key and doesn' t have rights. Btrieve 12 can be installed on a system that already has Btrieve 6. 15, but we recommend that you do not run both versions at the same time. In this mixed in stallation, you may see a status code 8020. It' s your firewall blocking the connections. Stop the Pervasive service, wait about 2 minutes then run DacEasy on the ' server' computer. You should get a firewall warning asking if you want to allow, just say YES. A few things: 1) Pervasive offers free support within the first 30 days after purchase, so you should be able to leverage this. 2) Even after 30 days, they offer support incidents for $ 250, if memory serves. Remote Tech Assist We can log into your system remotely and install IS Tech updates or perform troubleshooting for you, saving the cost of bringing in your local IT Consultant.