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mediaPlayer error - 38, 0. The error code - 38 ought to correspond to INVALID_ OPERATION. Android getting touched button' s text with onTouch( ) 1. · How to FIX ANY Android phone that cannot sent text messages to short codes. codes or Premium SMS services Failed error. Code Error Message. kerrygillock wrote: This is a issue in the switch, and can be resolved with a call to tech support to resolve. Thanks for the input! In fact the text messaging issues outlined in the original post will require a verification of the account provisioning and this can only be done by phone with a Technical Support representative. If you can' t text anyone then check your message centre number in the phones SMS/ text message settings.

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    You don' t say what network you' re on but you can get the message centre number from your networks website or customer services - check this is correct. Re: Cricket text messaging problem i' ve the same problem, i can receive/ reply text message but not send on my own. Cricket reset my phone with different codes, but still not working. From here you can search these documents. Enter your search terms below. The error codes listed in this table are called CMS ERROR codes. CMS ERROR 97 " Message type non existent or not implemented. CMS ERROR 305 : invalid text mode. What does “ Can' t send message on card 1, error 21. causing the highly uninformative error message above. ( The 21 error code actually.

    Can' t send/ receive text. · I am getting two errors, more of the 1st error type when sending text messages sms error network problems sms error cause code: 1 error class: 3. Hello and welcome, I have two things for you to try. First thing is to Power down and remove the battery for 5 minutes, then replace battery power up. · Text Validation Error Codes. The following table contains the error codes for SWIFT text. the bank code and location code of the message. Some status codes may be listed as " Free form text message" - this text will be available in the billing history of a claim. CLICK HERE for a PDF download of a full list of e277 Status codes. The entity code will indicate the entity referred to by a status code. on my samsung galaxy s i have a sms message on my phone that wont go away but every time i open said message it just opens a new message screen.

    know how to fix it? read more Richard S. Rogers Text Message Error Code 38 Using the new messenger app I get an error code 38. Nov 17 I am running a Nexus 5 with Lollipop on the Rogers network in Canada. This message appears to be automated, system- generated email. This message is an automated response to an email I originally sent. It says there is a problem delivering my message. · Support Can only send text w/ attachment, error 38, exhilarate. Everything was fine for 5 days. Suddenly, I can' t send texts. " failed, error code 38". Downstream message error response codes. Check that the request contains a registration token ( in the registration_ id in a plain text message,.

    Sms error code 38 for samsung galaxy sgh- i727r. Yes this error message 38 means there is an issue. when I turned back on it give me an error code 3D010017 and. Please check message service center settings for SIM1/ 2 and uncheck use same service center for sending/ receiving messages in Message settings. This is the most common problem if everything else is fine. Repeat the process this time choosing O2 ( gg) which should update the message centre and hopefully restart the texts. The message centre number in your message settings should beOn an iphone then it' s a slightly different process. If the message still didn' t go through, then you need to contact customer care, they can help you as it clearly is a network issue. If the above works, then the problem lies with your phone. Either you messed up with the settings or something else is wrong. · Summary Error codes are a valuable aide to troubleshooting, but only if you know what they mean. The codes given here may be seen in the Microsoft mail. Send a text message to their own 11- digit mobile number.

    Note: Remove any symbols, signatures, sound, graphics, pictures, wallpapers or ringtones from the text message. Use the device common procedures to check that the Short Message Service Center ( SMSC) number is programmed correctly as. Welcome to the site. You might want to check out our sister site devoted to the Droid DNA. · the famous error 38. the error code 38 is showed in the device manager. When i do a scan shows me this a message ( Scan Error Error while. Send SMS Text Message with PHP;. Here' s a list of all of the " + CMS ERROR" codes for the GSM modem interface. 38 - " Network out of. · I can' t send any text messages. This started today and I keep getting a network problems: cause code 3, error code 2.

    I' ve tried rebooting my Thunderbolt. Send the Text to the Short Code Number After you have composed your text message, navigate to the area where you can enter the phone number to send the text message. Enter the short code number and press Send. If you' re sending a text message to an entry you' ve saved to your address book, make sure that you stored the number with area code in your address book. If all of that checks out, or if you' ve had no problems texting to this exact number before, you will want to place a call to customer service with your wireless service provider. Hi, Two days ago, I stopped being able to text certain people. Now it is up to four people that I can' t text although I still can receive their. GSM Equipment error codes explained. CMS ERROR: 38: Network out of order. CMS ERROR: 98: Message not compatible with short message protocol. I only have Straight Talk and no land line. No one can call me because a voice comes on and will say it is Verizon Wireless and they cannot complete the call. · This is a discussion on SMS Error Cause Code 3 Error Class 2 within the Android Forum forums,. text error code 3, text message error code 3,.

    try to reset the phone If it doesn' t work it could be your sim or service. Maybe try sim with a different phone if text works. I put the SIM in an old phone and it did receive text messages from yesterday & today and also managed to send one. I have recently uploaded updated operating software, but unclear as to why this should have intefered with SMS messages. Hi there I’ d be happy to help with this messaging issue! This is a somewhat recurring bug for some iPhone users. To resolve this issue: Take down the affected number, as we’ re going to delete it from the device. The error text looked like this [. ] CompHelp – Menu. Home; Text Error Code 38. Posted on May 30, by admin.